Thursday, August 28, 2014


Sometimes people support us in ways we never expect. I got an email from a dear friend yesterday who has been sending all kinds of positive karma out to Maggie and me as we go through this medical and emotional journey.

My friend has a little girl, Carly, who is about six months younger than Maggie. Had Maggie been born ok, I imagine they may have been great friends, just like their moms. But life lays different challenges on us and that was not meant to be.

Interestingly, this friend and her daughter live across the country and don't really even know Maggie, excepet through my recollections of her.

So yesterday this email came in from the two of them:

"Carly has been sending positive energy to Maggie in a different way. Carly
made up an imaginary friend/bird that is always with her ... born mysteriously
from a gum ball. A blue gum ball. Her name is Viv; she's a gum ball bird (also
known as a G.B.B.) She is a very unique creature. Because she was born from
a gum ball she is so very tiny. And fragile. She is blue with little green fuzz on
her head and has a little orange beak. Sometimes Carly is able to get through
a rough day or time just knowing that Viv is with her.

Carly thinks that Maggie could use her own Viv right now (so she's manifested
one for her that's there with her even as we speak) Maggie's G.B.B. is named,
Mim. She was born from a pink gum ball. She is bright orange with a little pink
tummy. She has a little green puff on the top of her head. Mim, like Viv, is so
very tiny and always with Maggie. Mim especially likes perching on Maggie's
sunglasses when she wears them! Otherwise Mim likes to hang out in and around
Maggie's beautiful strawberry hair. We think that Mim will help Maggie through
the roughness of today and the coming weeks."

Mim is also helping Mom through the roughness of today.

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a striver for sanity said...

What a beautiful and caring child is Carly to want to share her special bird charm of inspiration with Maggie! I think we could all use our own Viv/Mim. I think I will call mine Pip! Tell Carly that it is working since she is already surpassing the expectations of her recovery thus far.